Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Many people, who are either resident or holiday makers, will have purchased medical health insurance. First Western Hospital has a dedicated team to deal directly with your insurance company. Charges can be made directly to 90% of these companies with the patient only required to pay their policy excess. This will take the worry of paying the bill from the patient and allow them to concentrate on their recuperation.

Here are the documents your insurance company will ask us for, to allow them to process your claim:

  • Your insurance card or document
  • Your original passport
  • Your flight itinerary from your country of residence and return (please note that most insurance policies are invalid if taken out after you have left your country of residence, unless otherwise agreed by that insurer)
  • Any further documents specific to your insurer (e.g. medical records release form)

Please note that there may be circumstances where you will have to pay a part, or the whole bill, yourself and file the claim directly with your insurance company later.

Methods of Payment:

Hospital services can be paid for by cash, credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union or bank transfer.

In addition to your medical problems, we are happy to assist you with reorganising travel arrangements that may need to be delayed or in the worst case scenario, repatriation with or without the assistance of the insurance company.

A copy of the full medical report for your treatment will be available on request.