First Western Hospital Koh Phangan | The First and Only Fully Equiped and Licensed Hospital in Koh Phangan

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    Koh phangan First Western Hospital – The team

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    First Western Hospital Koh Phangan – Semi Private Rooms

We will be your friend when far from home & treat you like one of our Family!

We provide full range of inpatient and outpatient services along with specialty services

First Western is the only licensed and fully equipped hospital on Koh Phangan. Treatment for all emergency & medical cases from accidents to coughs & sneezes 24 Hour Ambulance, Doctor & Medical staff, X-Ray, CT, MRI, Operating rooms & ICU. You can trust us. We have a multilingual European staff who are fluent in English, German & Dutch as well as Thai. We have dedicated insurance department who can make claims direct from your travel insurance for all admissions. That means in 90% of cases you do not have to pay upfront. Transfer & repatriation arrangements also made.

All Medical Services

Koh Phangan Hospital Emergency CT Scans

CT Scans

Computerised Tomography (CT) scans are used to provide information to doctors to help them diagnose medical conditions. CT scan [more…]

Koh Phangan Doctor Clinic 1

Emergency Room

Patients who are seriously unwell or require specialised treatment and constant, close monitoring are given care in our purpose-built [more…]

Koh Phangan First Western Hospital Emergency And Operating Rooms 1

Operating Rooms

First Western Hospital has the capacity to treat patients quickly and with optimal care.  Having the three sterile operating [more…]

About Us

First Western Hospital is an equal partnership between Thai and Western owners. We have a multi-lingual team that speaks fluent English, French, German, Dutch and Thai. First Western Hospital is like one big family and our patients are considered to be very much a part of that family. We are a private hospital that prides itself on its ‘care first’ policy in which the patient’s welfare is at the forefront of everything we do. As the only licensed and fully equipped hospital on Koh Phangan, you can expect not just next-level care, but also a range of cutting-edge diagnostic facilities and services. We also have 3 operating rooms, a recovery room for patients coming out of surgery and a dedicated labour room for mothers during childbirth. Whether you need urgent medical care, or a routine check-up, we are here to help you in every way we can to make your visit to First Western Hospital Koh Phangan run as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

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What our patients say:

My boyfriend has just been here for 1 week after nearly drowning. All of the staff (and I mean absolutely everyone) are so good at their jobs and always with a welcoming smile. Thank you so much for looking after us xxxx

Danielle Brockwell

I'm so thankful to all the staff here at First Western Hospital they have done a great job on fixing my leg. I can't recommend them enough!

Boyd Alan

Absolutely tremendous. This is the place to be. Forget the full moon party. First Western is the best hospital ever. The staff are exceptional and they are always smiling even after working for the entire day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Martyn Banthorpe